SPMeta2 Utils

SPMeta2 has some useful utility methods, classes and constants which can be reused in your projects. This article provides an overview on hidden SPMeta2 gems.

UrlUtility.CombineUrl() methods

UrlUtility.CombineUrl is a useful utility to turn a bunch of strings into URL.

// fast on two params
var smQueryUrl = UrlUtility.CombineUrl("http://goole.com", "?q=spmeta2");

// a bigger one
var bgQueryUrl = UrlUtility.CombineUrl(new string[]{

WebpartXmlExtensions class

WebpartXmlExtensions provides a low level API on web part XML v2 and v3. It works on both web part XML versions allowing to read/write properties as you go.

Here is how SPMeta2 uses WebpartXmlExtensions internally:

Setting up ClientWebPart properties

var wpXml = WebpartXmlExtensions
               .SetOrUpdateProperty("FeatureId", wpModel.FeatureId.ToString())
               .SetOrUpdateProperty("ProductId", wpModel.ProductId.ToString())
               .SetOrUpdateProperty("WebPartName", wpModel.WebPartName)
               .SetOrUpdateProperty("ProductWebId", webId)

Setting up ContentEditorWebPart properties

var wpXml = WebpartXmlExtensions
               .SetOrUpdateContentEditorWebPartProperty("Content", content, true)
               .SetOrUpdateContentEditorWebPartProperty("ContentLink", contentLink)

Setting up XsltListViewWebPart properties

var wpXml = WebpartXmlExtensions
                .SetOrUpdateProperty("JSLink", jsLink)

BuiltInXXX classes

SPMeta2 has tons of BuiltInXXX classes which described out of the box SharePoint constans - field names, fields IDs, list template, list template types and so on. Here is a full list of the classes used by SPMeta2 internally and which can be reused by you.

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