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Lookup field provision is enabled via LookupFieldDefinition object.

Both CSOM/SSOM object models are supported. You can deploy either single object or a set of the objects using AddLookupField() extension method as per following examples.

The following properties allow to adjust the desired field configuration:

One of the following properties are used to bind the field to the target list. If none of them are defined, then lookup field is left unbinded.

  • LookupList, GUID of the target list. Could also be "Self" or "UserInfo"

  • LookupListTitle, Title of the target list

  • LookupListUrl, web relative URL of the target list

  • LookupWebId, Id od the target web if list is located on non-root web

  • LookupField, refers to 'ShowField' property

Provisioning on existing lists could be done setting up the following properties:

  • One of LookupList, LookupListTitle or LookupListUrl
  • LookupWebId, if the list exists on non-root web
  • LookupField, if it is different to 'Title'

Provision would create a lookup field and bind it to the target list.

Provisioning on lists which don't exist yet could be done the following way:

  • Define lookup field without setting up a target list, then provision the field.
  • Provision all the list which you need
  • Setup one of LookupList, LookupListTitle or LookupListUrl. LookupField and LookupWebId if needed
  • Proivision lookup field again

That provision flow would create a lookup field without binding to the list, then you creare needed lists, and then re-provision lookup field again - that would bind field to the list.


Add lookup field

var emptyLookupField = new LookupFieldDefinition
    Title = "Empty Lookup Field",
    InternalName = "m2EmptyLookupField",
    Group = "SPMeta2.Samples",
    Id = new Guid("B6387953-3967-4023-9D38-431F2C6A5E54")

var model = SPMeta2Model.NewSiteModel(site =>


Add lookup field binded to list

var leadTypeLookup = new LookupFieldDefinition
    Title = "Lead Type",
    InternalName = "m2LeadType",
    Group = "SPMeta2.Samples",
    Id = new Guid("FEFC30A7-3B38-4034-BB2A-FFD538D46A63")

var lookupFieldModel = SPMeta2Model.NewSiteModel(site =>

var leadRecords = new ListDefinition
    Title = "Lead Records",
    Description = "A generic list.",
    TemplateType = BuiltInListTemplateTypeId.GenericList,
    Url = "m2LeadRecordsList"

var leadRecordTypes = new ListDefinition
    Title = "Lead Record Types",
    Description = "A generic list.",
    TemplateType = BuiltInListTemplateTypeId.GenericList,
    Url = "m2LeadRecordTypesList"

var webModel = SPMeta2Model.NewWebModel(web =>
      .AddList(leadRecords, list =>

// 1. deploy lookup field without bindings

// 2. deploy lists

// 3. update binding for the lookup field
// LookupList/LookupListId could also be used
leadTypeLookup.LookupListTitle = leadRecordTypes.Title;

// 4. deploy lookup field again, so that it will be binded