SPMeta2 Definitions

Essentially, definitions are c# POCO objects provided by SPMeta2 library. SPMeta2 introduces a domain model providing set of definitions for most of the SharePoint artifacts.

Before you begin, make sure you are familiar with the following concepts:

Domain model

SPMeta2 introduces a domain of c# POCO objects, then it maps every single POCO object on SharePoint artifacts.

We use the following name convention to map SharePoint objects to SPMeta2 definition:

  • "SP" prefix gets removed
  • "Definition" postfix gets added

For instance, here are a few definitions for most common SharePoint artifacts:

  • SPWeb => WebDefinition
  • SPField => FieldDefinition
  • SPContentType => ContentTypeDefinition

We have different editions of SharePoint, we have a split up between 'foundation' and 'standard' definitions across SPMeta2 library.

SharePoint Foundation definitions

SharePoint Foundation definitions could be found in SPMeta2.dll under the following namespaces:

  • SPMeta2.Definitions.* - contains SharePoint Foundation definitions
  • SPMeta2.Definitions.ContentTypes.* - contains definitions for content type operations
  • SPMeta2.Definitions.Fields.* - contains typed field definitions
  • SPMeta2.Definitions.Webparts.* - contains typed web part definitions

SharePoint Standard definitions

SharePoint standard definitions could be found in SPMeta2.Standard.dll under the following namespaces:

  • SPMeta2.Standard.Definitions.* - contains SharePoint Standard definitions
  • SPMeta2.Standard.Definitions.DisplayTemplates.* - contains various display template definitions
  • SPMeta2.Standard.Definitions.Fields.* - contains typed field definitions
  • SPMeta2.Standard.Definitions.Taxonomy.* - contains taxonomy related definitions
  • SPMeta2.Standard.Definitions.Webparts.* - contains typed web part definitions