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SPMeta2 is a hassle-free fluent API for code-based SharePoint artefact provisioning. It offers a consistent provisioning API via SSOM/CSOM for SharePoin 2010, 2013 and O365.

SPMeta2 is all you need to have a testable, repeatable and upgradable way to provision fields, content types, lists, list views, webs, custom actions, security groups, permission levels, web parts, wiki pages, web part pages, publishing pages and so on – in fact, more than 100 (sic, more than a hundred) different artifacts and even more scenarios.

Sounds exciting? Have a look around, let us know how it goes.

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Get a cup of coffee and dive into extensibility

Get a cup of coffee and dive into extensibility


Out team is keen to improve the SPMeta2 along with documentation. Here is how you can contribute and take this library to the next level:

While creaeting a new suggestion, please provide a resaonble amount of information so that our team would be able to develop, test and release the suggested feature.

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SPMeta2 is an open source library licensed under Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) license.

All the source code is available at (GitHub Repository](https://github.com/SubPointSolutions/spmeta2], so it makes it easier to collaborate on the code base, manag the roadmap and make a pull reqest once you have a valuable contribution to make.


SPMeta2 is an open source library, but understand that it is also a fundamental building block for production projects as well. The library comes with various support options and SLA to make sure you won’t be left alone, you meet your deadline and have a positive experience.

Our Yammer network provides a basic support. Both support and dev teams are avialably on Yammer providing valuable suggestions, answering questions and solving issues.

There are also premium support options with SLA for independed professionals or teams, and enterprise as well.