How is it possible to check all solution projects?

In case of "bulk" analyse R# exposes the list of incidents in the separate windows.

How to change rule severity in the ReSharper?

  • 1 approach:

Open ReSharper | Option dialog and select Code Inspection | Inspection Severity Click on the reSP title Click on the colored box with curent severity level.

  • 2 approach:

How can I read more about highlighting?

Open context menu, select Options for "name of issue" and select "Why is reSP suggestion this?". The help page will be opened immediatelly in the browser.

You can read more about ReSharper code inspection here.

How can I do something more with ReSharper?

Read this article to know about live templates.

Where I can find the quick access key map in for ReSharper?

Check out this guide PDF.

How can I enable/disable ReSharper code analysis for specific files?

  • Ctrl-8 for the current file, for the current session.
  • Ctrl-Alt-8 for disabling Resharper code analysis.

List of excluded libraries

You can configure lists of ignored files using regular expression or wildcards in the ReSharper | Options dialog.